BioCrowd FAQs

Q. What is BioCrowd?
A. BioCrowd is an online professional networking site for bioprofessionals who want to connect with one another to chat about science, business and career development issues.
BioCrowd is not a personal social networking and we ask members to respect the fact that it is a professional network for life scientists and other bioprofessionals.

Q. Who created BioCrowd?
A. Clifford Mintz, PhD, Vincent Racaniello, PhD & Shrigovind Tiwari. For more info please visit

Q. Who can join BioCrowd?
A. BioCrowd is an open community which means that anyone can join! But, BioCrowd is geared toward bioprofessionals: students, scientists, business persons, marketers, lawyers etc who work in the life science industry or academia

Q. Does it cost anything to join?
A. BioCrowd is absolutely free! No hidden charges or fees or spamming will take place at BioCrowd! The community is currently self-financed by its founders!

Q. What happens to the stuff that I post at BioCrowd?
A. Information that is uploaded or posted to BioCrowd remains at BioCrowd. However, BioCrowd is searchable by all major search engines. Therefore, it is up to individual members to determine what to post.

Q. Will BioCrowd share members’ personal information with third parties?
A. BioCrowd does NOT share or SELL members’ personal information to other entities or third parties. We respect the privacy rights of all of our members.

Q. Can I chat with my friends?
A. We are currently working on adding a chat feature that will allow you to chat in real time with your friends. Currently we have methods for you to communicate through features like discussion boards, status updates and our messaging feature.

Q. Can I blog at BioCrowd?
A. Yes, if you navigate to the “Blogs” tab and scroll down to the “Write something” link to can write a post from BioCrowd. You can also add your personal blog feed to the site by clicking on the “Your Blog” link and upload a personal blog post or pull an RSS feed from your blog to the BioCrowd site.

Q. Can I find a job at BioCrowd?
A. Nobody can guarantee that you will be able to find at a job board or career development site. But, BioCrowd was designed to be an online networking site and networking means interacting with others to identify job opportunities or leads.
Hopefully in the not too distant future, we will be adding a professional networking and job referral platform at BioCrowd. So stay tuned! In the interim, please visit for biotech and life sciences jobs.

Q. Are there recruiters at BioCrowd?
A. Yes, but not many. We try to limit the number of recruiters who register at the site and they are told not to bother or annoy members.

Q. Will I receive unsolicited “spam” from BioCrowd when I join?
A. We follow strict anti-spamming policies and will not condone any spamming in the community. That said, we may from time to time send out email blast to members regarding specific life science events and possible promotional opportunities.
Members may customize the update notifications received by BioCrowd by locating the “Email and Notifications” section found in the “Preferences” of their of their “Profile” tab.

Q. What if one of my questions was not addressed here?
A. Additional questions may be sent to He will attempt to answer or address any questions or concerns that you may have.