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I am currently looking for a technical position. A problem I often find myself wresting with is designing a balanced resume which showcases both technical capabilities and making a resume which “stands out”. It seems as though the two aspects are different sides of the same coin. Things which are highly technical by nature tend to be dry, “normal” and boring. The things that “stand-out” cannot be technically described because of their uniqueness.

It is obvious to most job seekers that the line separating the two is determined by the hiring manager. How do we job seekers find this “sweet spot”? It almost feels like an unfair burden is placed on the job seeker to know what exactly what the hiring manager wants; even if the hiring manger does not know how to describe what they want.

Is there really an effective way of playing eye-spy with a blind person that has amnesia?

Discussion started by Decline Decline , on 1676 days ago
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