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I got a job while I wrote my PhD thesis. This was a benefit of having always worked off campus and therefore, no one held reins on my way of thinking or told me what I "should" to do. I had to mentor myself along the way. No one told me that I "shouldn't" leave academia, or that working in industry was "bad" or "evil".

Over the past 10+ years, I've held 5 jobs at 4 companies in 3 "alternative" PhD careers (R&D, sales, medical affairs) ... before quitting a 6-figure job to start my own consulting company.

I've started 6 companies, dissolved 3 and kept 3. I'm hands-on in 2 of these companies and deal with strategy and sign checks and contracts for 1. Thus, my advice is based on real-life practical experience of having broken barriers and penetrated ceilings. I've been frustrated and discouraged and depressed about the future. I personally know how it feels.

I'm best known for my work in the pharmaceutical industry as a field-medical affairs program adviser.

I'd like to be better known for working with PHDs who want to think outside the academic-box and compete for alternative, non-traditional, non-academic careers.

If you are a PHD and feel like an underdog, I want to stand in your corner. I have proven wrong many who believed I couldn't or shouldn't be where I want to be. I know you can, too.

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Jane Chin, Ph.D.

Jane Chin, Ph.D.

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